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Our Matcha is sustainably grown in Kagoshima, Japan - it’s a healthy treat you can enjoy with peace of mind.

We reward our farmers by paying more for their crops. It’s our way of supporting sustainable agriculture and preserving the world we live in.


Ordinary? Not a chance



Unlike others, our Matcha's unique taste originates from simplicity - soil, water, sun, and a whole lot of care and dedication!

It takes time and effort to grow the best organic Matcha, but we believe that the sweet taste and vivid green color make it all worth it, plus, it's the right way to farm.


Ah, finally - Matcha for all



Our Matcha is extremely versatile. Whether you are looking to whisk up a quick latte or a more complex matcha lava cake, we got you covered.

Explore your creativity (and ours) to see how you can add Matcha to your daily routine.


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